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I love color, I always have. Itís luscious, evocative, and marvelous. The combinations and tones produce vast, emotional ranges, from cheer to melancholy, ecstatic to quiet. I also love wonderous, elegant shapes: an Iceland poppy, a window shutter, an African elephantís ear. My explorations are about finding great colors, shapes, and textures in real imagery combined with an indulgence of use color and pattern interact, and seeing how they make each other come alive.

I work primarily in watercolors, and love to explore their intrinsic, painterly qualities. I use them in a way that diverges from standard methodologies. My paintings are also experimentations in contrasts: textures to color blocks, cool to warm, dark to light, grand vs. intimate, and opposites on the color wheel. My inspiration is my surroundings here in Southern California as well as from my travels, especially from Europe, the Americas and the South Pacific.

My work is found in corporate collections and numerous private collections in the US and Europe.